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WESG 2018-2019 Ukraine Qualifiers finished

Kolento: In any BO5-match the winner is always who the lucky one

After the grand final of the final stage of the qualifier within WESG 2018-2019 Ukraine, we talked to the champion - Alexander "Kolento" Malsh.

- Alright, our guest here is the winner of the Ukrainian Qualifier, Kolento. Honestly, I didn’t think that we will be here for the second time, but I’m super happy about it. I’d like to remind you that we had 6 participants that advanced from 6 different qualifiers, and only two players received direct invitations, who were Neirea and Kolento. After two days of action, we’ve got the winner, and it’s Kolento. Probably, the qualifiers weren’t really that important, so you were the strongest player on the finish line. 

- It’s all about the cards. I don’t know how it… no, actually I know how it works.

- To be fair, you were playing better than the others…

- Let’s say that me and Neirea had higher chances to make it to the final. 

- It’s possible. Please, tell us what has motivated you to create the lineup you had here? All the players had limited time because of the latest fixes, you presented Even Shaman, Baku Rogue, DK Priest, Midrange Hunter. Why did you choose those decks, exactly?

- I wanted to pick Secret or Spell Hunter, but I also wanted to try Priest out. If I pick Priest, I will likely have bad matchups, like against Rogue for example. If I want to ban Rogue, it’s not really good to pick Secret Hunter or Spell Hunter. They do better against Rogue than Hunter that I chose, my Hunter doesn’t do good against Druid. Druid was nerfed, I wasn’t expecting to see a lot of them. Actually, I didn’t expect them at all, but one player used it. That’s how it is. Speaking about the other decks, I also had Rogue and Even Shaman. Shaman is in a good place right now. Druid got nerfed, and he wasn’t a good matchup, but still, he creates some problems.

- Warriors… I thought that if we will have Warriors, they would be in composition that bans my Priest anyways, so I was going to ban Warrior if I would encounter him. I didn’t think that Rogue and Warrior could be used together, and there weren’t really many Warriors. Only Neirea used him. 

- If I get it right, you built on the decks that you wanted to use here, and later on, you added the rest of your decks?

- To be honest, I felt like there was nothing I could use because my favorite deck, Even Warlock isn’t really useful right now. He was really good against Druid, it’s good. He was also the best possible deck against Paladin, who was nerfed as well, but against Even Paladin he doesn’t do well as of now. 

- Okay. Your path wasn’t quite easy, you passed through the Lower Bracket after losing to Script in your first match with a 2-3 score, but you met him again in the semifinals, where you had the opposite result by prevailing over him. What was different in that game? Why did the rematch end in your favor?

- What was different? Ban, for example. Yeah… Tell us about it! It wasn’t that crucial. In both cases, I banned the deck which I… Script banned… what was that… Shaman in the first place, and I banned Hunter in return. My Shaman was good against Hunter, and I banned the deck which was bad against the deck he didn’t ban. So, it was a good ban. I got lucky, again. He didn’t make a good ban, I’d say. For the next step, I eliminated Druid from his list of choices, and he did the same with Hunter. Again, my Hunter was good against Druid, so I was victorious in the ban phase. 

- You played better, got better luck, and the ban had impact?

- Let’s say that 95% is about luck, it was more important than the ban. 

- Agree, let’s come back to the grand final. You used one of the most difficult and technical decks, which is OTK Priest. Tell us why do you like this deck, what do you think about this concept overall because a lot of people think it’s difficult, and how can you start to learn playing with this deck.

- To begin, there is a dedicated website, where you can practice on doing combos. Just write in Google “OTK Priest Training”, something like that, and you will find it on GitHub. It’s not really difficult. It’s just about knowing the situations with the secret cards, and how much time it lasts. For example, I just didn’t have the time to make basically one move against Hunter. I had everything on the table, and I just had to use the last boar.

- But you didn’t have enough time…

- Yes. I would make it if I was playing from home because the PC here was lagging a bit, so I lost maybe one second due to that reason. Then, my mice wasn’t also set up correctly in terms of sensitivity. And again, I didn’t play as ideal as I wanted in some of the moments. You need to know, like when you’re seeing an animation of the summoning card of the boar, so you can use doubles on the other boars. There are some ways to speed up the process.

- Interesting. It turns out that when you are playing with the boars cards on Priest, it’s important to have a good mice, a PC without any lags because of those micro-seconds you lose, as they also play their role.Throughout the finals you had a luck. Tell me a secret of success. Because the first two games, it was just phenomenal. And how often do you get lucky?

- At any BO5-match the winner is always who the lucky one.  

- Then share the secret of a successful player.

- You have to play for a long time. The longer you play, the greater the chance of winning.. 

- You need to play more at agra-decks, yeah. By the way, your favorite concept are mid, control, agra. Reveal your secrets. Because in your line-up a lot of decks are quite aggressive.

- Honestly, there is no such specific deck..

- So your preferences vary from meta. What is closer to you is what you use.

- Just a meta, many cards are nerfed. It turns out that Cubelock became better, and all these decks are more playable. And again, all old cards, nothing new.

- Yes, almost no new cards. There were the statistics of how many new cards were used. And this percentage is absolutely scanty. Tell me what you liked the best in China. It's not your first time. What do you like in this country? 

- Well, I do not know, China is generally such a country, mediocre. There is nothing bad. Well, there were good attractions. 

- What was the most interesting?

- I was in Shanghai. Or in Beijing. Or in Shanghai.

- In general, it isn't the first time Alexander going to China. Several times he was on such a big tournament like China vs. the EU. Even several times reached the prize-places. Well .. In line-up, your opponent Neirea was ahead. Tell me, what played a role in your victory? You can even go over the technical points.

- I've banned control-Warrior. He would have banned Priest anyway because my Priest was very good against all his decks. The warrior was an obvious ban for me.

- Well, your Hunt went very well. The first victory on Hunt turned out lightning. And the next round was also very close..

- Hunter is such a thing. If the random goes well, then I can remove his creature for 4 mana with the help of my creature with 1 mana because I had Poison. There are such moments. They greatly change the course of the game. Of course, I saw it all and calculated everything.

- There was in twitch-chat: "Go, Godlento!". You are one of the most titled players in the CIS. Name a few victories that you are proud of.

- I don’t even know, I don’t really think about it.

-  So no tournament comes to mind? Maybe the most beautiful cup that you brought home.

- Maybe Viagame House Cup. This was back in 2014 or 2015.

- Yes I remember. There still is a cool video, where you sit with Hoej, music from the Titanic, this is one of the most viewed videos.

- Yes, it was a good tournament.

- Well, one of the best in this format. Let's hope that next year there will be more tournaments in the format of gaming houses in HS because this is also my favorite tournament format. Well, that's all. Congratulations on winning. We will root for you in China. We will support you.