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WESG 2018-2019 Ukraine Qualifiers finished

Tencent Gaming and SquadOfTheChampions to play at LAN WESG 2018-2019 Ukraine Qualifiers

Tencent Gaming and SquadOfTheChampions gained the upper hand at the open qualifiers for WESG 2018-2019 Ukraine Qualifier in Dota 2 and joined the list of participants of the final stage within WESG 2018-2019 Ukraine Qualifiers.

In the final game of WESG 2018-2019 Ukraine Qualifier #1 Tencent Gaming overpowered NU Esports with the final score 2:1. The second open qualifier was finished with a victory of SquadOfTheChampions, who won over Burning Fire with the score being stopped at 2:1.

Both teams, who won the open qualifiers. advanced to the LAN-finals of WESG 2018-2019 Ukraine Qualifier and will face off against the two invited teams — Team Ukraine Blue and Team Ukraine Yellow.

WESG 2018-2019 Ukraine Qualifiers will take place from December 21st to 23rd in Kiev. The winner of qualifiers will advance to the world finals, held in March of 2019. There 24 teams will play for $890.000, with $500.000 going to the winner.

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